Parva Pouriamehr/Staff reporter  

Just like every year, the international community club; also referred as “ICC” planned and prepared an amazing event for Christmas. They have held an event named “Santa Hunt” from December 13 to December 17, which means students are still able to get involved in this event.

The international community club is a place where the international students gather every week and learn about different cultures, do different activities together, build friendship and promote social bonding. 

In this event secret Santa, which is a western Christmas tradition, is chosen between the members of a community and is assigned to give a Christmas gift to a randomly chosen person. 

Students who are able to find the secret Santa of that day based on the clues that are provided every day by this club; get a special prize

This prize is followed by special Christmas cards written in different languages from all around the world; such as Korean, Mandarin, Farsi, French, Spanish, … with the help of international students who were able to help and prepare the prizes.

Roberto Ramogida shared his thoughts about the purpose of this event.

The purpose of this event is to create a space for everyone to be able to connect with each other and to make every student feel welcomed no matter which country they are from or which language they speak.

“so many of our international students have never had Christmas, and we wanted everyone to experience Christmas this year” said Ramogida.

This event has also promoted all the students to enjoy, share and learn about other cultures.  

As an international student, it’s highly appreciated that the international community club celebrates and values the important holidays of other countries and makes them memorable for students, whether they are a part of that culture or not. 



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