Staff reporter/ Taha Asadi

On February 4 Gleneagle is going to be hosting a TEDx event for the fourth time in the school’s history. This event is going to be held in the MPR with the presentations focused on the topic of “planting your future”.

From getting a TEDx license to host the event to arranging the speakers, Gleneagle Con-X students, and the committee in charge of planning this event have worked hard these past few months to make this event possible.

“The TEDx event at Gleneagle is a reflection of incredible student ambition and purpose” said Adam Hayes, Socials, and leadership teacher.

The speeches will be centred around the future of youth and what they can do to impact their future. There will be six speakers presenting on the night with the ratio of two students to four adults.

“Everyone get ready to plant your future” said Leah Kyle grade 12 and member of the committee in charge of the event.

 The event is going to be from 6pm-9pm with the capacity of the venue being at one hundred people and its first come first serve.

 With the speeches being focused on “planting your future” all the presentation are going to have information that high school students can use in their day-to-day life.

 TEDx is an American media organization that holds talks all around the world and then distributes them on online platforms they have previously had events at Gleneagle three times before in 2016,2017 and 2020.

 To host this event Gleneagle had to apply and follow all of Ted’s protocols and procedures to be able to host the event. Although this event has Ted’s name on it. It is a complete self driven and student-based effort that makes this event possible from the planning to the media work it’s all been work done by students that are in charge of planning this event and that’s why the entire school should be prepared for a spectacular show to watch.


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