Stacy Park/Staff reporter 

On December 8, leadership 12 had their virtual talent show for seniors in the MPR with Gleneagle students who wanted to express their passion dancing, singing, playing instruments, and comedy. 

This year is the ninthyear for the talent show, but last year, due to Covid-19, they didn’t hold the show. The Virtual Talent show committee announced auditions from November 9 to 19. The audition progressed with filming a 3–6-minute short video until November 29. Many seniors shut due to Covid-19, so they organized the show to entertain the elderly this Christmas. 

They posted posters, including QR codes, all over the school. They made their own Instagram page, “showingoffforseniors,” to give more opportunities to students. They also got questions from Instagram direct messages. The virtual talent show committee put that kind of effort into participating in the show. 

Adam Hayes, the teacher of leadership 12 class, says that the talent show is so great. Despite the challenges, the committee and others who are part of the show are still doing a talent show. He thinks this is an actual community project because we got students from outside the leadership whether they have talent or skill. He said “They also need to be improved, but overall, it’s so now we must tolerate some mistakes.”

Cleo Chau, who will participate in the show, says she usually likes to sing, but she was too shy to sing to anyone, so she decided to appear. She always wanted to do a talent show, but she was afraid. So, she decided to challenge herself. She also wanted to help her classmates who planned the performance. She had high expectations for the performance, but she was a little nervous at the same time. But when she got on practice and started singing, she wasn’t scared at all, and it was natural. 

In addition, the people who will participate in the talent show said that due to Covid-19, they didn’t have a stage to show and express themselves, and even if they have, it was very limited.

Also, they said, they would be grateful for the opportunity to show to many people again, so they will do their best to prepare. It is a pity that they couldn’t see the seniors in person and put on an outstanding performance because it conducted online.

However, they were grateful that they could please the elderly even online. “I will do my best for the rest of my practice and put a lot of effort into giving them a great show,” they said.