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Erika shancez’s I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter was published in 2017 and it takes readers through the story of Julia a young teenager living in Chicago, and the ups and downs of her life. 

 The book shoots into action from the very start and although it dies down somewhat around the middle it is still a very action-packed novel. 

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 Julia Reyes is a Mexican girl living in Chicago but after the death of her sister Olga her life takes a massive turn and after finding out some unknown and unpleasant information about her sister, she makes it her number one mission to find out what happened to her and if her sister was truly who she said she was. 

 Throughout the story you get a strong taste of Julia’s Mexican identity and how she feels about it. The novel starts with 15-year-old Julia looking down at her sister’s coffin and over time she turns into a high school senior with a lot of drama going on in her life.  

Sanchez’s writing portrays teenage life as an immigrant, showcasing both it’s thrilling and uneventful moments. Her writing can be extremely relatable for immigrant children living in the West, especially for Latinos.  

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Author of the novel

Throughout Julia’s journey to find out who her sister Olga truly was, she interacts with a lot of people which in my opinion could be the most enjoyable part of the book. One of the main plot points in Julia’s story is her conflict at home and especially with her parents. This part of the novel can be relatable to a large amount teenagers.   

This book was very action packed, although it had some hiccups here and there, overall, it would be a very enjoyable read for anyone that picks it up at chooses to to read it, especially for teenage immigrants in North America who can relate to Julia’s story.


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