Shanmei Yasen/Staff reporter

“13 Little Blue Envelopes” is a realist novel by Maureen Johnson in 2005. It tells the story of a young woman, Ginny, who embarked on a journey across Europe following the instructions given to her by her aunt, Pegg in the letter.

Ginny has never been anywhere. Although she was afraid of being alone, she still followed the instructions in the envelope. She completed the mission of Aunt Perganda’s self-growth journey.

This journey began to make ginny go from confusion to reflection. This is a process of self-maturation, which is an obvious growth change.  Ginny experienced various adventures, which helped Ginny complete her transformation towards maturity, made her undergo a sea-shaking change, from the initial lost girl to a mature and rational new Ginny. 

In letter #11, Aunt Pegg told Ginny, “The footprints are left by the shoes, but not the shoes themselves.” She explained to Ginny: “No shoes should be judged by footprints, because feet It has its own mark on it.” “Because what I did to you is my footprint on this crazy journey. You are in my shoes, but your feet are yours. I don’t know where they will take you.”

Ginny’s aunt gave Ginny “shoes”, but Ginny needs to walk on these “footprints” by herself. In this process, she needs to face and resolve all these obstacles.

This sentence has a great inspiration to readers. This sentence says, even if I can give you that way, the road is yours, and you need to go on your own for the next life.

At the same time, this book helped me a lot. After reading this book, I have solved many puzzles and insurmountable obstacles in life.

Ginny’s persistence and courage helped her complete her self-growth and gave me a lot of inspiration.

Now, like her, I am following the “footprint” set by my parents on an unknown journey, but it also requires Ginny’s courage and perseverance to encourage myself to face every challenge before me and complete my own growth.

This book embodies a spirit of being calm in everything and will learn to ask for help when encountering difficulties and will not feel afraid and embarrassed. It tells the reader that if there is a problem, we must solve it. In society in fact, there are many beautiful things, but you dare not see them. It tells us to be braver in life so that we can grow.


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