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The Dark Intercept is the first book in the science-fiction adventure series by Julia Keller. 16-year-old Violet Crowley, daughter of New Earth’s president, lives her days peacefully in the sky, up above Old Earth. Gaining protection from the Intercept, a device which prevents crime by using your own emotions against you, Violet’s world suddenly turns upside down. Doubts, secrets, and a mysterious group of rebels causes Violet to question those around her and her way of life and go on an investigation of her own.

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A huge recommendation for lovers of a good action-adventure story with mystery and fiction themes. The introduction of a new world and an emotion manipulative machine intrigues the reader in the beginning and the fast pacing keeps the reader wondering. New concept and information is introduced fast which grabs interest, but at the same time the book does not leave the reader in the dark.

The main character, Violet, is portrayed accurately as a teenager and a relationship between two characters is described well, making it easily relatable to the reader. Violet’s concern for her long-time crush, Danny Mayhew, her deep connection with her best friend, Shura Lu, and her unconditional love for her father, Ogden Crowley, is shown clearly throughout the novel, almost making it seem real.   

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A new world with no need for weapons or a concern for safety sounds nice on paper, but what happens when it actually comes to life. What happens when a chip in your left elbow, collects every single emotion you feel, storing it in a file to use against you later. Rebellion and doubt is the answer. Turns out keeping peace is harder than it looks even with such a device.

Follow Violet along as she goes on wild adventures and takes extreme measures to uncover the truth. Keller provides us with an interesting take on how the future may play out and the underestimated power of our emotions.

Will Violet find what she is looking for? Will the rebels stand their ground? What happened to the people that were left behind, down below? Mystery and jaw-dropping twists are around every corner and keep you on the edge of your seat during this read.  


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