Mira Khang / Staff Reporter

Keeper by Kim Chance is a book about a 200-year-old witch, who attacks 16-year-old, Lainey Styles. Lainey and her friends Ty and Maggie try to figure out why she’s being targeted. The witch keeps showing up at random times haunting her. She starts hallucinating about a girl named Josephine that guides her to find answers. Throughout the story Lainey find out that her dead mother could be connected to the witch by finding a photograph. Lainey friends suggest her to go to her aunt who is a psychic but before she does, she overhears a conversation between her aunt and uncle which changed everything. Lainey finds out more secrets about the people in her life and finds out everything was a lie. 

I liked that the author made the story super detailed so that readers could almost imagine the scene in their head. With the characters I liked how the author made them all have their own unique personality and I also liked how involved the characters were in the story. Portraying the friendship between Lainey, Maggie, and Ty it shows how they all affect each other. Throughout the book there were a lot of plot twists that add more interest while reading. I liked how the author alternated chapters with Josephine’s point of view and the main story.

Scavengers are after Lainey, and as she struggles to keep her secret things become more dangerous. Introducing the characters at the start with references gave a very clear understanding of the characters personality. It also carried out throughout the whole book to have make it seem like a real character. The plot of this movie is very creative with all the different types of fantasy characters in it. 


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Kim Chance