Annette Davidson/Staff Reporter

In 2019, the Canadian Council on Animal Care statistics read a shocking number of 4,562,522 innocent lives being taken.

Bill S-214, The Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act, was dismissed after Parliament prorogued the summer session 2019. Legal species for live testing in Canada consist of, dogs, cats, sheep, monkeys, cattle, beaver, pigs, rabbits, mice, guinea pigs and hamsters. 

According to Ending Cosmetics Animal Testing from The Humane Society, 41 out of 195 countries have a full or partial animal testing ban, including Australia, India, Israel, Mexico, and all European Union countries. 

But what is animal testing? Testing on animals consists of preforming procedures on living animals for the purpose of experimenting into diseases, evaluating the benefit of new medicine, as well as testing human and environmental health and industry products.

Some of the procedures include, forced chemical exposure, genetic manipulation, physical restraint, exposure to drugs or chemicals, and infliction of wounds are just few out of many. Many big corporations you might use or know of, partake in animal testing. Such as, L’Oréal, Johnson & Johnson, Aveeno, Bath & Body Works, Calvin Klein, Colgate, and MAC.

“When I buy makeup, I always check to make sure its cruelty free. If one of my favourite brands were not cruelty free, I would stop using it and find one that’s just as better that is against animal testing,” said Valentina Buendia, a grade 11 student.

Testing on animals has slowly started to become a controversial topic and has been recognized as cruelty. It has been getting banned in several different countries and yet to be abolished completely. Although it is unreliable and inhuman, science has relied on using animals as the “default method”.

Things you can do to advocate to animals suffering in experiments are, buying products that are against testing, educate and spread awareness and donate to fundraisers or charities. Anti-cruelty brands include, Lush, ELF, Essence, NYX, The Ordinary, Covergirl, and The Body Shop.

“I make sure to check if the products that I want to buy have been tested on animals before i purchase them. if they have, I do not buy them and tell my family and friends to avoid that certain brand and/ or product.” said Ayla Bicic, a Heritage Woods student.

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