Shanmei Yasen

Staff reporter

In recent years, there have been more and more Asian students in the SD43 school district. They have shown strong interests on physical education courses, especially boxing courses. However, this course has caused controversy between Asian students and their parents.

“I am worried about letting my child participate in boxing class, I am afraid that she will be injured.” Said HongYan Qi, mother of Victoria Xu in Grade 11.

“I am definitely willing to participate in boxing classes because I started be interested in boxing when I watched my male relatives boxing on family day at seven.” Said Victoria Xu, grade11, who is Mongolian and this ethic minority has thick culture on wrestling.

“I don’t know much about boxing, but I would like to let my son  take part in the Boxing classes because I think it can make him stronger.  If it was a girl, I would prefer her to do other exercises ” Cathy Zou, the mother of Justin Wan in Grade 12.

“I don’t know much about the boxing club before, I only knew that students go boxing there. […] it also has a certain risk of danger. I am afraid that my son will get hurt.” ShuXian Lin, who has a son in Grade 9.

The reasons behind the different opinion of parents and students vary.  Cathy Zou said, “I am afraid of a campus bully, so I think boxing skill could teach him how to protect himself if he meets a bully one day.”

“I like her [her daughter] muscle lines, which is the result of daily practice of boxing. I think she looks good with her muscles when she is wearing clothes. Hahaha.” HongYan Qi said proudly.

 “I met some bad guys when I was eight years old, and then I found that the boxing I studied came in handy.  Boxing can really help you in emergency situations.”  Victoria Xu explained the reason why she takes boxing. “What I want to protect most is my young brother, so I persevered.” 

“I think it can help my son lose weight because it consumes a lot of energy.” LinShu Xian, who has a son in Grade 9.

Although most parents worried about their children being injured in boxing practice, most of them still hope that their children can learn to grow and become stronger.

“Boxing would shape the kid’s character, help them learning more about their bodies and make them stronger and healthier.” Cathy Zouexplained why she supported her son to join in boxing class.