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staff reporter

socializing is a common topic that a lot of people especially teenagers struggle with.

But there are lots of ways where people can solve this issue, and for that, we have interviewed some teachers and students to see what someone can do to improve their socializing skills.

Daniel Beley library and yearbook teacher feels that:

Socializing is absolutely important and just being in school and learning new things not just in the class but around school and being in the crowd and making connections with people is a kind of socializing.

Beley shared his thoughts about the fact that the first step of getting out of your comfort zone and socializing is to be willing to, and different clubs can help you with it.

Not only clubs but sports teams can also be a good choice for meeting new people and if you are not even interested in it you can still join and try to find new interests and make new friends and have fun.

Because just being around people can help in getting out of your comfort zone and getting away from the fear that is stopping you from making connections.

“clubs are a good way to start meeting new people for example GSA club could be really helpful for some students,” said Beley

why do you think people especially teenagers can’t connect to people very easily?

“Well, covid made socializing quite difficult for everyone because we did a lot of our classes remotely and we weren’t able to come to school as much as we used to”

“But fortunately, we are back to the usual system, and we have our clubs back so students can join them and meet some new people” Beley added.

Lori Gregory, CLE teacher, started by saying how important socializing is because it can make your life much more fun and it keeps you entertained.

But one important reason for it is that socializing can help people to deal better with their life’s ups and downs and they might be able to communicate about their problems and struggles with someone who can help them to get through it easier.

“I think if you have a common hobby or interest with a person you can connect to them and form a friendship so much easier because it gives you something to communicate and discuss about,” said Gregory.

She suggested effective and useful clubs where you can join.

“To-Do-It club is a very good club and way to meet new people and make new friends because this club is all about building and making connections”

Close-up of a therapist gesticulating while talking to a group of listing teenagers during an educational self-acceptance and motivation meeting.

 And the reason some people can’t connect easily is that a lot of those who can’t make connections easily are usually too self-conscious, inhibited, and shy, and scared of getting connected.

And they want to stay inside of their comfort zone, and they try to get away from making conversation and socializing with people

Melina Chalangarian, grade-10 student shared her thoughts about how important socializing is because socializing with people keeps you entertained, and it increases your happiness and with socializing with others you can find friends.

If you want to get more socialized, you can try to get involved in conversations and try to find some common interests with others and ask different people about themselves and their hobbies and try to find something to talk about.

There are also lots of different clubs in the school where you can join and meet new people and make friends.

For example, the International community club is a great way to get socialized with others especially because if you are an international student, you can meet students that are from your own country.

“Debate club is another example of the clubs you can join because this club is all about talking, making conversations, and connecting to people” Chalangarian added.

Lack of confidence can be a majority of the reason that people can’t or are scared to talk to people they don’t know. And a lot of them hold themselves back from getting involved in a conversation.

So in order to meet new people and get more socialized, you can try different ways, the easiest way is to join the clubs that are currently happening at school and get involved in the conversations that form in your classes because not only socializing is fun and amusing but it also helps you to get through rough times.


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