Annette Davidson / Riley Grant staff reporters

Social Media takes a huge toll on society today, in both good and bad ways. The bad traits are most prominent in toxic online social standards. The beauty norms that are mostly set by influencers are promoting unrealistic standards for youth and young adults. The way people portray themselves on social media is made to show off their best selves, but the reality behind the screen isn’t always what it seems.

A great factor is, developing eating disorders at such a young age due to unrealistic body standards. Comparing what you see online to yourself, a human being made to have imperfections makes you think twice about your personal expectations. At a very young age you see these photos on social platforms and magazines and grow trying to replicate what is being fed to your young mind.

When asked about how social media has changed people’s daily lives they said, “I get up and go on social media it’s like a daily thing for me now” said Parnia Hoijatpanah, a grade 10 student.

“I feel like if I didn’t have social media, I would be more productive, it’s like my main distraction. It’s kind of an addiction to the point where I literally can’t do anything else,” said Leah Langford, a grade 11 student.

Social Media has not only affected mentality and physical image, but it also affects your perspective on many things. Specifically, how it affects the way you interact with others

“it’s made me more judgmental of other people. it’s made me more anti-social because you can communicate online Instead of in person,” said Langford.

Society now is like a domino effect. One person picks up on a trend and suddenly everyone else joins in. When it comes to social media, it tends to be harder when you try to avoid using certain platforms when it’s the main communication format. Especially if it’s so addicting such as TikTok or Snapchat. But if it’s as bad as people say, why do people keep using social media if they know it affected their mental health?

“Because everyone else does. I feel like I won’t have any communication with anyone without it.” Kayleh Wheeler, a grade 11 student.

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