Mira Khang / Staff reporter

On July 5, 2006 North Korea launched their first nuclear weapons test at the Musudan-ri Missile Test facility where seven missiles were launched and landed in the Sea of Japan which caused concerns to South Korea, Japan, United States, China, and Russia, the members of the Six-Party Talks.

According to the reports in the article from Wikipedia, North Korea described this test as “successful” and “regular military drills to strengthen self- defense” and planned to make chemical weapons to be used against South Korea. 

15 years later North Korea is continuing to conduct these tests and threats anyone who tries to stop it with a nuclear strike.  

Cruise missiles fly low and slow unlike ballistic missiles that fly high and fast. The cruise missiles that North Korea tested traveled around 1,500 kilometres and for over 2 hours.

On September 15, North Korea conducted another test firing two ballistic missiles despite struggling through Covid-19. Hours after this South Korea also tested its first ballistic missile. South Korea is now the seventh country in the world with ballistic missile technology and It has been confirmed that South Koreas launch was not related to North Koreas. 

President of South Korea Moon Jae-in said South Korea now has “sufficient deterrence to respond to the North Korea’s provocations at any time” and South Korea now is continuing to increase weapons. Kim Yo Jong, sister of Kim Jong Un, warned a breakdown in ties and described Moon’s words as illogical and regrettable. 


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