Lorenza Punzo/ Staff report

On November 30, 2004 a jet crashed killing 26 people in Indonesia, eight months ago a jet crashed killing the 62 people on board.

The incident that happened seventeen years ago involving a Lion Air airplane was the result of the bad weather according to the airline since the weather that day was heavy rain and high winds, because of the airline’s rapid expansion it raised some safety concerns. The state airline safety investigators examined the plane and collected the pieces of the fuselage.

The Sriwijaya airplane crashed on January 9 2021. They didn’t find sufficient clues for them to know why the airplane crashed, but a report said that an engine thrust had problems and that it could had caused the airplane to roll and dive into the sea. Authorities hope that they can find some information in the “black box” of the airplane. The flight data was recovered on January 12, almost three months after the accident.

Sriwijaya airplane route

The Indonesian House of Representatives has visited the operation centre in Tanjung Priok and met officials from BMKG, Sriwijaya Air and NTSC. The state’s insurance company Jasa Raharja announced that it would compensate the relatives of the passengers and crew of Flight 182. Each next-of-kin of the deceased would receive Rp 50 million.

The Indonesian House of Representatives will scrutinize the operation of conduct of the Indonesian Ministry of Transportation regarding supervision of airliners’ compliance with the aircraft’s maintenance manual. The government of Thousand Islands will build a monument dedicated to the victims of Flight 182 on Lancang Island. On 22 January 2021, family and loved ones of the victims were invited to spread flowers approximately where the plane had crashed.


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Sriwijaya airplane crash

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