Staff reporter Ian Baird

On July 19, 2006, the Tesla Roadster prototype was made. This revolutionized the auto industry. 15 years later electric cars have spread all around the globe. It has made other big car companies manufacture their own electric vehicles. 
Elon Musk was the co-founder and CEO of the Tesla brand, and he was also the architect at Tesla motors based the Tesla Roadster design off the sports car Lotus Elise, but he made it into an electric sports car. Before he did this people said that there cannot be electric racing cars which made Musk prove them wrong and that is when he made the prototype and had it test driven.  

Tesla Roadster

This decision sparked an idea throughout the entire auto industry. Companies around the world started developing their own designs for electric cars. For example, Ford made the original mustang, which they have made into an electric sports car.  

Musk has made many more models of the Tesla brand like the model S, 3, X, and Y. His cars have made it almost to all 4 corners of the planet. People did not believe that an electric sports car would be like a normal sports car because they thought it wouldn’t last long or max out at 60km an hour. This statement didn’t last long as they started to make electric formula 1 cars to compete in racing events. 

 If an electric powered vehicle could race around a track, then surely it reliably can get ordinary people to work, school and on a family road trip.  A revolution in travel has started. 

In 2014 0.3% of new cars sold in Canada were not gas. Sales of electric vehicles have grown substantially in Canada. In the first quarter of 2021 in Canada 49609 electric cars were sold which increased the percentage to 13.2% of total new vehicle registrations.  

This growth of electric vehicles spread throughout Canada and the metropolitan area of Vancouver. This area is leading with the newest sales with over 4500 electric vehicles sold in the first quarter of 2021. Which shows that 4500 families also said that when you drive electric vehicles you can do your day-to-day trips like a gas car but now you also help prevent climate change. 

Tesla Roadster  
Electric mustang