Yedam Jang/ Staff reporter

On June 25, 1950, the Korean War broke out due to North Korea’s illegal invasion of South Korea. The war that North Korea wanted to lead to the unification of South Korea into communism led to years of conflict. Now, nearly 70 years later, the people of North and South Korea want peace. At the 2018 inter-Korean summit, the two leaders, South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korea chairperson Kim Jong-Un discussed a peace agreement.

After the ceasefire, the two countries have been holding talks since 1971 to resolve their issue of separated families and the issue of punishment for war criminals. Unlike previous agreements, the 2018 Summit became a starting point for specific discussions on peace on the Korean Peninsula.

The summit began with the proposal of president Moon, who wanted North Korea to participate in the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. After several meetings, the window of communication for both countries had swung open and eventually led to the first inter-Korean summit being held in Panmunjeom, South Korea on April 27.

It was here at this summit that a historic moment was captured by the media, of the two leaders shaking hands at the border of North and South Korea, showing the world that peace was potentially imminent between the two Nations. Furthermore, the resolve of the two nations was backed by the “Panmunjom Declaration”, which aimed to ease military tensions and the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. This soon led to the second summit on May 26.

In the second summit, Chairman Kim conveyed his desire to meet President Moon without any formality, and this was accomplished by rapid advance. They reaffirmed North Korea’s commitment to the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and promised to make the summit periodic. The outcome of the second summit is explained more in detail in the ‘Post-Panmunjeom Declaration Achievements’ prepared by the Ministry of Unification of the Republic of Korea. Through this, they were able to achieve the third summit in North Korea.

At the third summit, Pyongyang, North Korea on September 18, the two Koreas made progress positively. Kim’s promised cultural exchanges and denuclearization through a press conference. These are in the ‘Pyongyang Joint Declaration’  which is from the Korean Times.

Recently, North Korea has said that it is thinking positively about the summit with South Korea. Kim’s said he wants it in May of next year, before the end of President Moon’s term. North and South Korea will hold talks in the direction of finding a compromise in the end-of-war agreement. CNN presented ‘North Korea says the hope is alive for a peace summit with South Korea’ provided by Reuters.


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