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In Afghanistan, there have been several fights for many years now, with the terrorist organization called, Taliban. In recent events, Afghanistan has been captured by the Taliban, and fear of terror is going around. Many people are trying to escape. It is even worse for women and children as they are deprived of even fundamental rights. Now in 2021, many people have joined a movement with more than 100 people for women’s rights in Afghanistan and trying to save them.

Afghanistan is in its worst time right now. Many people have lost their lives and living in a state of constant fear. For about 40 years, there have been many occurring events going around in Afghanistan such as extreme poverty and food insecurity. Most citizens of Afghanistan can’t remember the time of peace.

In 2001, after the Taliban government refused to hand over terrorist leader Osama bin Laden to the United States (who was responsible for the 911 terrorist attack), the United States invaded Afghanistan. The Taliban quickly lost control of the country. However, twenty years later, President of the US, Joe Biden, announced that U.S. military forces would leave Afghanistan. The Taliban then continued to capture the territory across the country despite ongoing peace talks with the Afghanistan government. After 20 years of fight and dozens of lives lost, the Taliban has swept to victory in Afghanistan.

People are trying to flee the country, using methods such as trying to latch onto a moving plane, which caused deaths. Approximately 100,000 people were lucky enough to escape. However, many couldn’t. The situation in Afghanistan is getting worse, especially for women. Women in Afghanistan are facing rising levels of violence and abuse. However, Ellen Johnsonwho was elected the first women president of Liberia in 2005, also who is an advocate for women and, many other successful leaders are trying to help women in Afghanistan.

 Johnson twitted her thoughts about Afghanistan and here is what she said, “My thoughts and prayers are with #Afghanistan’s women and girls, whose future and safety now hang in the balance. Limiting basic freedoms for women and girls—as we saw under previous Taliban rule—would have devastating consequences for generations to come.”.

She also concluded in her latest interview that, “I really believe we have to change our tactics in this. We must now convince men of the need for change because it’s the men who will have to make sure that they support women to change these laws.”.

Johnson and several other leaders are trying to make an impact on Afghanistan’s children and women. Women in Afghanistan have held several secret meetings, creating underground maps for school and medical help, and shared this knowledge with other women. Women from several other countries have joined together to discuss peace, which task has not been done by men in Afghanistan  


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