Jojo’s Bizarrre Adventure is a long running manga seriesstarting in 1989 written by Hirohiko ArakiThe franchise has seen much success within Japan being adapted into Anime, Film and Video Games.

The Jojo manga is split into eight major parts, the anime adaptation which is still ongoing has adapted.

The Anime Adaptation started in 2012 with the first two parts of the series being animated. Following the Third part released in 2014, the fourth in 2016 and the fifth in 2018. 2020 came and went and there was no news on a Part six anime adaptation. 

Part six the anime was announced on April 4th, 2021, three years after part 5. Fans have been begging for this part for longer than any other part. Reception from the reveal was positive among fans, relieved that the extensive wait was finally over. 

Fans got so antsy waiting for the sixth part that when a spinoff featuring a minor character was announced some fans boycotted it under the mere premise it wasn’t part six. Forcing fans to wait even longer than they already have would be a bad idea.

Recreating the series in the Chronological order only makes sense. 

Releasing Part six soon could not be a better time. Fans who only watch the anime could get reinvested in the series. It’s easier to recommend a show to someone when it’s complete and Part six is the end to the first Jojo timeline. People in lockdown could be looking for a new show to watch. 

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is at it’s peak in popularity since along time, so capitalizing on it now is the best option for this reason and the one’s previously listed.



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