Veganism, the lifestyle that so many people choose to live by. The constant day in and day out of repressing meat from your diet, shunning it as if you are somehow helping the planet. Many vegans believe by this lifestyle choice they are helping reduce the effect that meat production has on the planet and that they are somehow superior to meat-eaters. The truth to this is that it is a lie. There have been many studies stating that humans need meat in their diet for survival. 

Vegans’ main argument against meat is the cruelty among animals and raising and breeding animals for the sole purpose of killing them and shipping them around the world. While this point they argue is true, all of that worry will come to a halt very soon. Meat created in bioreactors will be the future of meat production, US company Eat Just has created an entire lab-grown chicken bite which was just approved by the Singapore food agency. This process is entirely animal friendly and will not result in the slaughter of animals.

People who start veganism early on in their lives found that their bone densities are not as strong as they could be. Which can lead to bodily harm in the future, if your bones do not collect the nutrients needed to be at 100% it can lead to osteoporosis and easily breakable bones. 

The meat will give you the nutrients needed to live as healthy as possible, now some vegans may argue this however meat can give you some nutrients that are unattainable in any amount of plant. Creatine creates energy stock in muscle and brain tissue. Carnosine helps protect against degeneration. Meat is a complete source of saturated fats and protein as well as countless other essential vitamins that just come naturally from meat products. 

While many people are under the influence that saturated fats and cholesterol in meat are bad for you and can do damage to your heart and body. They are actually mistaken, both saturated fats and cholesterol are necessities for human heart function. This mindset of pushing these things out of your diet will lead to a desire for sugar to supplement the energy you would receive from the necessary fats in your system. 

Alongside health issues, there are also mental health issues that come with veganism such as higher levels of anxiety, in 2012 a study was conducted on 240 meat eaters and 240 vegetarians. They found that a third of the vegetarians had the criteria for an anxiety disorder whereas the meat-eaters who had the criteria were a third of the size of the vegetarians. 

In summation we have seen that by having meat in your diet you will continue to be as healthy as can be, your bone density will be strong, and your mental state will be more relaxed. Now that makes sense, I have never been able to hold bacon and not smile. 

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