Jinwon Soul/ Staff reporter

Whether animal testing should be allowed or not has been a long-term controversial question among people. Humane Society International defines the term “animal testing” as “procedures performed on living animals for purposes of research.” The research and evidence of the unethicality within animal testing, support that animal testing should not be allowed. 

The purpose of animal testing is out of human selfishness. Their desire to better their lives, ignoring the cruelty and violence that follows.  

Some people think it is all right to test animals if it is for the benefit of the human. For medical improvement, research into biology, testing new industry products, and much more. Society now has made it seem like animal testing is a “necessary” part to improve and better human lives. However, research has proven that animal testing is not necessary at all.  

There are countless reasons why animal testing should stop immediately under any circumstance. It is unnecessary, wasteful, and most importantly, unethical.  

According to Humane Society International, the diverse types of animals commonly used in animal testing are mice, rats, dogs, cats, hamsters, farm animals, pigs, and fish.  

More than 25 million animals suffer and die through animal testing, just in the United States alone. The tests are mostly for the purpose to test the industry products such as cosmetics, foods, and medicinal products.  

With the improvement of technologies and science, there is no need to test animals to test the products anymore. There are several alternatives that can be used to test products, without hurting any lives.  

For example, scientists nowadays can create any type of human and animal cells with 3D printing technology. Using human cells and animals’ cells made in the laboratory not only save millions of animals’ lives but also provides much more realistic and accurate results.  

One of the examples that prove that cell-based methods are more accurate than animal testing, could be guinea pigs and allergy tests. Crude skin allergy tests in guinea pigs could only predict human reactions 72% of the time when the cell-based methods predict human reactions 90% of the time.  

Finally, the major reason animal testing should stop, is that it is extremely unethical. The forms of experiments and procedures that the animals go through during the animal testing that. Humane Society International reported are shockingly cruel. The procedures include: Exposure to drugs, chemicals, or infectious disease at levels that cause illness, pain, and distress, or death, Food, and water deprivation, killing by carbon dioxide asphyxiation, neck-breaking, decapitation, or other means, and the list goes on endlessly.  

Along with the fact that the animals can think and feel pain just like humans, such testing should not happen under any circumstances. Just because animals cannot speak and stand up for their own rights, does not mean humans can abuse them for humans’ own benefits. In fact, humans should take care of the weak and protect them from harm.  

It would have hard to speak up and go against animal testing if there were not any substitutes for animal testing. However, with the fact that there are multiples of alternatives that can be used to test things, why kill lives when it is possible to save lives.