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The Derek Chauvin trial has been long awaited by many people across the united states as well as moving activism into other countries like Canada, the UK and many more. This all began when 45 year old police officer Derek Chauvin had been involved and had participated in the active case of George Floyd, a 53 year old father who had been murdered by police. Chauvin had attempted to detain Floyd, and due to an apparent “lack of cooperation,” Floyd had been pinned down on the cement while Chauvin had kneeled onto Floyd’s throat for almost 10 minutes. Witnesses state that Floyd had been crying for help telling Chauvin how he “couldn’t breathe” and kept begging until he was eventually deceased due to suffocation.

This tragedy led to the famous BLM protests of 2020, where people all across the country had protested ACAB (all cops are bastards) to refer to the bastardised system of the police force and the government officials that support and fund these systems. Chauvin was originally fired for this misdemeanor but has now sparked up social media when excitement of his trial this morning came to be a reality.

Prosecutor Steve Schleicher had expressed his point of view on the tragedy stating that Floyd was “just a man, lying on the pavement, being pressed upon, desperately crying out. A grown man crying out for his mother. A human being.” Chauvin had also come up in front of the jury and had removed his face covering to invoke the Fifth Amendment, which shocked and disgusted many people. Actions like this are unjust and should never be pushed aside because one may be able to call this an “accident.” The racist tendencies that the united states police forces have been around for years and just because it happened back then without consequence that doesn’t mean it should still be an okay thing in the eyes of these police officers.

At the final updated trial Chauvin had been charged with second degree murder, third degree murder and second degree manslaughter. The decision was made because of the points made against Derek of the incident not being accidental and even if he didn’t intend to murder Floyd, he ignored his cries for help and continued to suffocate him. Chauvin could potentially spend the next 25-40 years in prison on murder charges for his actions.








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