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Music surrounds every aspect of our lives and is present around the world. We hear songs being played in the car, in our homes, at malls, restaurants and in other environments. Many people enjoy spending hours listening to songs and have the interest to create sounds that express one’s emotions, and creativity with musical instruments. But how much does music change our lives, actions, and our emotions? According to Adam Crouse’s article, “Music has a significant effect on our health, efficiency, depression, and how we view the world.

In health, there is a technique called music therapy to help people deal with their health issues. It claims to be an effective method regarding the client needs for pain & stress relief and helps the patients to communicate their problems when they may find it difficult to do so. Studies about music therapy suggest that it is beneficial for all individuals physically and mentally.

Music also influences our ability to get things done. Have you ever wondered how background music affects our productivity while working? Studies have shown that music with lyrics reduce our mental performance at work while instrumental music could boost our productivity. It also improves our physical performance.

Another thing about music is that even if a song is in a different language and did not understand a word of it, it can make us feel the emotion it tries to convey. Every country has their own music which makes it distinct from each other but common in the sense that it is a part of their national identities.

Music is a key in attaining a well-lived life. It just does not affect our mood and behavior, but it impacts our overall well-being. It is a very powerful tool to tell someone’s emotional state and even lets us experience other cultures. Music as ubiquitous as it might be, is that it unites us.


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How does music affect your mood