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Recently the weather agency said that there will be a very high ridge of pressure that will cover the province. The weather agency said that the very high ridge of pressure is going to stay over the province for at least the next five to seven days according to the CBC news.

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A ridge is means what direction the cold or warm air is going according to Wikipedia.

The warm air is stopping the cool air from coming into the province says a meteorologist named Gregg Walters.

Walters says that everywhere on the province is a round 23c which is above the normal temperature of 14c during this time of the year.

The increase in temperature broke records that were set decades ago. Powell river reached 21c breaking the record of 20c and Pemberton reached 26c breaking the record of 25c.

How Wildfires Affect Air Quality in Devastating Ways – Smart Air

With the increase in the temperature comes an increasing risk in wildfires and flooding’s. On Thursday in Chilliwack a fire was started because the area was very dry.

the health risks of wildfires

According to myprincegeorgenow the rising temperature increases the chance of rivers, streams and groundwater to rise and flood areas.

They also say that grass can become very dry which can make it flammable, and this can lead to wildfires to start.

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Dr. Bonnie Henry

Dr Bonnie henry B.C’s top doctor says that there is still a risk of the virus COVID-19 spreading when people are outside during these next few sunny days.

Dr henry says that if people are able to see other people that are outside of their household they still should not according to the NL news.

If people still want to gather than it has to only be in small groups of people that would normally meet each other and any person that is needed to support another person.

In the end if people do decide that they want to gather than they should think about these things first before they do it. How many COVID-19 cases are in the area, amount of people and where the place is that your going, says the CDC.


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