Jackson Tait/edge columnist

Hasbro has just revealed a transformers action figure of Optimus Prime that costs $700 and is available for pre-order now. Many people were confused when they saw the price tag on the robot until they learned a little more about it. Hasbro collaborated with Robeson Robotics to create the “world’s most advanced and programmable robots to market threw the transformers franchise.”

Optimus Prime is the first of the new line of these collectables coming out that can be controlled by voice and mobile app commands that have so many features. Try saying “Hey Optimus”, add one of many keywords and see how all 27 of his servo motors get to work. The toy is 19 inches tall with a chest and arms that move very slightly almost like breathing while awaiting the next command.

Casey Collins, Hasbro general manager and senior vice president of global consumer products, “said the company is excited to work with Robeson Robotics” to “elevate branded play” and allow fans to “bring their favorite transformers to life in a way never achieved before within collectables.”

During the announcement of the toy at the Hasbro pulse fan festival, Robeson Robotics stated that it took 11 years of research and development to create a robot with such a complex set of functions.

The transformers have been a big hit in the toy community because of how many people love the shows and the idea of putting an action figure and a car in one toy. However, when they got more complicated to use, it started becoming a bit annoying to transform them from car to robot again. Hasbro has finally come up with a solution not by making it simpler and easier to put back together but by making it even more complicated and adding a $700 price tag on it. Considering all the things you can make the Optimus do, it is certain that this is not a regular collectable item and


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