Joon Lee / Staff Reporter

Memory(storage) is the process of storing and recalling information that was previously acquired. And this technology is used in a variety of fields.

Samsung Electronics, the world leader in advanced memory technology, announced that it has developed the industry’s first High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) integrated with artificial intelligence (AI) processing power. The HBM-PIM.

PIM ( Processing In Memory ) means that it be can process the information in memory.

Normally, memory only can store information. And we use CPU (Central processing unit) to process that information. However, this memory can process and store the information by itself.

But why this architecture is powerful memory in the world?

When applied to Samsung’s existing PIM, the new architecture is able to deliver over twice the system performance while reducing energy consumption by more than 70%. The PIM also does not require any hardware or software changes, allowing faster integration into existing systems.

And this architecture is representative used in AI develop technology.

The growth of AI applications has resulted in a large volume of data that must be repeatedly accessed and processed for insights to be extracted. One result of the demand for high volume of required data movement is that computational performance for AI applications are typically bounded by performance of the memory system. This limitation generally constrains the computational performance for AI applications.

The need for a solution that addresses the limitations of the memory system was apparent. PIM is a solution that works for AI applications because the amount of data passing between the memory and the coupled high performance logic device is reduced, as some of the data is retained and processed in the memory device locally. The limitations of the memory system placed on the computational performance for AI applications are thus alleviated, and net computational performance improves.

The PIM architecture brings powerful AI computing capabilities inside high-performance memory, to accelerate large-scale processing in data centers, high performance computing (HPC) systems and AI-enabled mobile applications.

This means that we are taking a step closer to the AI technology we envision in the future.

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