Yeganeh Haidari/ Edge columnist

Tik Tok is amongst the most popular apps and has become a huge platform for controversy. Many artists and public figures have been getting “exposed” and “cancelled”.  

The campaign on being Canceled means that the artists should no longer be supported. Recently Eminem or Marshal Mathers.

 Tik-Tokers called him out for a lyric in a song that premiered 10 years ago. The song was a collaboration with Rihanna “love the way you lie”.  

In the controversial song Eminem raps “I know I’m a liar, if she ever tries to f***ing leave again, I’ma tie her to the bed and set this house on fire,” which Tik-Tokers are saying glorifies domestic violence. 

“No wonder I’m toxic, I grew up listening to this song.” Yesssss one video states, with another using writing: “Yesssss let’s cancel him,” 

The response to his music was ridiculous. If every viewer or listener followed the supposed actions in every song then the world would be in chaos.  

 Paul McCartney froM the Beatles has a lyric in his song that says “I Am the Walrus”. As a listener, this does not mean we need to put on our walrus costume and super glue whiskers to our upper lip. 

Listeners choose who they spend their time listening to. No one is being forced to be Eminem’s superfan. An artist creates art and those who want to listen to can and those who don’t want to should not. 

It’s immensely simple-minded believing that a musician is in charge of your romantic relations. This generation wants to be sheep-minded. It’s unfathomable that the new generation can be so shallow.  

Music is a form of art, and art is a form of self-expression. Self-expression is honest and raw.   

Cancel culture should be canceled. Cancel culture is selective and unreasonable. People usually find outdated mistakes and bring them to light years after they happened.  

However, this time it wasn’t even Eminem’s fault. People might argue Eminem is not normalizing abuse he is a normalizing struggle in life. 

Eminem’s style is raw and honest; he shares his personal experiences most effectively. He had past experiences and he can’t just censor or modify himself to please others. 

Eminem is iconic because he chose to be different from others. His style relates to rap’s original concept to rap about struggles, feelings, and experiences.  

When Tupac and biggie spoke on life at its worst and the darkest sides to things, the original concept was the original concept.  

Music is a form of art and if you don’t like it just don’t listen to it the other way. Eminem is polarizing and not for certain audiences. 

If you can’t appreciate his music, then just don’t listen to it. However, his personality and life have nothing to do with his music.  

Canceling someone because their music doesn’t sit right with you doesn’t change anything. If you want to take a stand with a big problem such as abuse cyberbullying a celebrity who will end up posting a fake apology isn’t the way. 

The energy put into cancel culture should be put into fixing the issue. the problem doesn’t go away just because no one talks about it. 

You can stand against abuse, help victims, donate to the cause, and become a part of the movement if you want justice.

People who cancel for ‘clout’ are more pathetic than artists who seemingly normalize abuse.