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Apple juice and orange juice are both liquids called fruit juices which people can drink but is apple juice better than orange juice?

Apple juice is made from 88% of water and 11% carbohydrates with 9% of sugars and they have a healthy amount of potassium which can help the nerves to function, and it helps your muscles to contract according to the cooking light.

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Potassium in apple juice

Carbohydrates are part of the nutrition in foods and drinks they can be found mostly in processed foods like cereal flour which is in bread, pizza and pasta.

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Carbohydrates in foods

Some more pros about apple juice are that it has a plant compound in it which is called polyphenols.

There are different types of the plant compound polyphenol, the polyphenol that is found in apple juice are plant compounds which can promote good heart health and it can protect the human cells from disease.

If people drink apple juice often it can prevent heart problems and heart attacks.

Apple juice has fiber which is a nutrient that can help with constipation and stomach aches. Another few things is that apple juice is a good source for hydration if people compare apple juice or a whole apple with other whole fruits.

apple juice can rehydrate people faster and it is one of the fruit drinks that are chosen when people are sick says the web writers spotlight.

According to The Wild Cat Times apple juice is a better breakfast drink because of all the health benefits that it has.

but like everything else apple juice does have some bad things about it like the low amounts of vitamins and minerals, tooth decay and gaining more weight overtime only if someone chooses to drink apple juice that much.


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Carbohydrates foods, bakery drawing free image

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