According to University of Edinburgh a study found that taller people are more likely to be intelligent compared to a short person.  

Former president Abraham Lincoln was 6’4 and Barack Obama was 3 inches shorter than him but Barack is still taller than average American Height standing at a total of 6’1. 

Studies show that CEOs are taller on average. About half of male Fortune 500 CEOs are at least 3 inches taller than other males who aren’t CEO’s. 

Tall individuals may be paid more at work, research shows that even just an extra inch of height would be worth about $800 more earning in a year. Atlantic reported an analysis published in the Journal Of Human Capitol found that the 75for height is associated to a 9 -15% salary increase 

Being tall makes you’re a lower risk for heart disease because it could protect your from scarier issues. Taller individual’s are at less of a risk for congestive heart failure and coronary artery diseases 

Being tall is effective with the ladies because nobody wants to date a guy that is shorter then a girl because it makes the girl feel masculine in the relationship. It also makes a person feel more confident for being tall because of the individuals visual appearance look confident and had better fossil skills in adolescence because they are most likely to participate in school activities such as sports and clubs. According to Dutch psychologists Gert Stulp, Abraham Buunk, and Thomas Pollet that The tall man = power equation may simply be part of the male-female power differential

Some physical restraints are growing pain even though it is worth it in the end being able to tower over the shorter people and become more successful in life by being able to do things that short people can’t do like reach the top shelf or be able to work at a fast pace

The height of a 6-foot tall person changes the way people think of that person. By its looks from the confident stance and strong looks make a person look more intimidating and more handsome

In conclusion, It doesn’t really matter if you are tall or short nobody really cares and that you shouldn’t be worried about your height because you cannot change that its genetics.


  • More successful 
  • Likely to have huge pay. 
  • Better looking 
  • Confident  
  • Huge opportunities 
  • Reach top shelfs. 
  • Don’t look like a child. 

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