Jacob Goroza / Staff reporter

Shang-Chi and the secrets of the ten rings are about Shang-Chi being forced to confront his past after he is drawn into the Ten Rings organization. Shang-Chi is known as the Master of Kung Fu and a brother’s hand. His abilities is Master of martial arts, Mastery of Chi, and self-duplication.  Many people have been waiting years for an Asian Marvel Superhero to become live-action. And the fact that it is being played by a Chinese-Canadian immigrant makes it way better.

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Simu Liu is a Chinese Canadian whose parents immigrated to Mississauga in Canada with nothing but hopes in dreams for Liu. Liu was born in northern China in a city called Harbin. He was raised by his grandparents till the age of 5 where he has reunited with his parents again. 

Liu went to the University of Toronto schools and after that, the Ivey business school at Western. And graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts. During his career as an accountant, he eventually got laid off within a year and looked for a new career path. He then began an acting career as an extra in the film Pacific Rim. And from that, his career was all uphill.  

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Liu is best known as Jung (the hot older brother) on CBC’s. Kim Convenience. Liu is also known for taking endless photos of himself topless. Liu said that whenever he’s mad at the world he posts a shirtless picture of himself on Instagram. “Imagine being a kid growing up and having none of the girls want to date you and hearing most of all that people are ‘just not into Asian guys… we’re [not] portrayed as sexy men who like to take their shirts off, but as dorky nerdy sidekicks,” he said.  

Liu has been tweeting multiple tweets towards Marvel hinting that he wants to have the role of Shang-Chi as the first Asian superhero. A year ago, he has tweeted. “So last year when Liu got a call from Marvel informing him that he had landed the lead role in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, he was blown away — and told he had to be in San Diego four days later, where he would appear before thousands of people at Comic-Con for the big announcement.” Liu said