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There are some universities like Harvard, Stanford, MIT… that can not be classified as “normal universities”. They are the world’s top universities. This kind of universities are places that only admit the bests students and teachers in the world. That’s why their acceptance rate incredibly low, around a 4%, and that’s what makes it very difficult to study there.

Although it is difficult to get accepted, it is not impossible. There are some steps to follow in order to have a better curriculum, that usually ends up in being accepted in all universities.

For example, Harvard requirements include an essay, good grades in highschool, a score of 1500-1900 in the SAT, two SAT Subject tests, a recommendation letter, and an interview with their staff. It is recommended to send any other score in other standardized exams.

I Conquered Harvard Stadium One Step At A Time! — Weight Off My Shoulders
Harvard owns a huge Stadium for their “Crimson” team.

To increase the chances of getting accepted, it’s necessary to work more than anyone else, it’s highly unlikely to get accepted going at the same level a normal school goes, that’s why taking other hard classes is recommended, as “Harvard Requirements for Admission” by PrepScholar says in the “Harvard GPA Requirements” section. Students that want to study there should do things from “outside the school”, like getting diplomas in “Coursera.”

Coursera is an online platform that offers the opportunity to earn diplomas from prestigious universities.

In the essay, they ask the applicants about why they should admit them (like a presentation card). This essay is one of the most important things, applicants should show off their writing proficiency to make sure they catch the reader’s attention.

To get into one of the bests universities in the world, students must demonstrate their growth, potential, and good character through their writing. The thing that they value the most is: how is the student going to contribute to Harvard?

They expect new students to do great things in their future. They want to have students who can make a difference in this world. Changing the world is a contribution to Harvard’s community, even if it’s a small one.

When people manage to get into a university, it is normal for them to feel stressed or overwhelmed by the amount of work they have, and the little time they have to do it all, especially with extracurriculars.

Students from high-achieving have to deal with this stress too. The difference is that top universities usually have harder content, creating extra stress for their students. The students are constantly under the pressure of being an embarrassment for everyone.

This is a normal feeling for them, and it is mainly caused by the sudden transition from an average secondary school to a high-achieving university. They’ve been the number 1s all their life, and now they have to bear with being average, because all the number 1 students go to these universities.

A lot of students are not used to negative feelings, and that makes them really vulnerable

The students who always got A+ in their exams start getting Bs or even Cs. This makes them think that they will disappoint their families, and they start working even more. The main problem is that they feel that they have to do everything alone without showing their struggles. “We’re afraid to show this feeling because it’s a sign of weakness we’re not used to…” says old Harvard student Alex Chang in the video “The Unspoken Reality Behind the Harvard Gates | Alex Chang | TEDxSHSID” when talking about struggles in Harvard.

Harvard has been getting more reports of students that feel depression or other mental illness because of the stress they have, mainly because of the huge amount of work they have to do. Although the Harvard staff tries to help them with their psychologists, the numbers don’t decrease at all, report Camille G. Caldera and Michelle G. Kurilla in their article “University Task Force Finds Increase in Harvard Undergraduates Reporting Depression, Anxiety“.

Life in Harvard is not easy, but this student shows that is not impossible neither!

What these students need the most is support from other students, their teachers, or their parents. They think they are still in the edge of being expulsed, but they have already done the hard part, getting in.

However, if you try to apply and get rejected, don’t worry too much, even the best students in the world get rejected from these universities. You can head for other universities, there are a lot of them. If you only want a certain university, take a gap year, and try another day!

Famous graduates from Harvard include:

If you are interested in applying to these universities, read a guide about how to do it.


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