Samantha Li / Staff reporter

WandaVison, a TV series streamed from Marvel, came to its finale on March 5. The story of the Scarlet Witch and Westview said goodbye to the audience. Watched widely in different age groups, including a great portion of highschoolers, thousands of various reviews popped out on the internet once it ended. The reviews are mostly about whether this show is good or bad, what post-credit scenes are indicating, and how the story implies the future development of MCU(Marvel Cinematic Universe).

Unfolded from an old television-style sitcom to Marvel’s heavy-effect style, WandaVision tells a story about Wanda, who is in extreme sadness after losing her family, uses her power to create an idealistic town Westview and her “husband” Vision. They have kids, who turn out to have superpower, and go to parties with the neighborhood. Things are all normal and sweet at the beginning. As the show goes on, viewers start to learn that these are just illusions from Wanda’s mind. After encountering witch Agatha and stress from the outside world, Wanda finally learns to deal with her pain and become a powerful hero, the Scarlett Witch.

Before WandaVision officially started, most fans were having very high expectations. While the show was streaming, a lot of people were digging for details, asking questions, and expecting more from the next episode. When WandaVision actually came to a close, as the director of the show said, ” it may disappoint some of the fans.” Some people reflect that it is less “Marvel” due to the little portion of fighting scenes. There are also comments talking about the lack of information and the cut of key elements.

“Some plot elements that we were expecting like Pietro, demon Mephisto were glossed over. They left too many things blanked this time, and I have to use my imagination and thoughts from comic books to connect those unclear dots. Also, we did not get to see Dr. Strange,” said Sally Lim, a university student who has been a follower of Marvel for 5 years.

On the other hand, WandaVision still impresses lots of fans with its storyline, characters, and interesting elements. “It’s hard to distill what makes WandaVision so special—there’s too many thoughtfully calibrated moments,” commented from an article by Monisha Rudhran. Some people also have positive reviews on the television streaming style, and how WandaVision was delivered even as good as movie production.

Dust has settled in WandaVision, so what should fans expect now? From last year, Marvel was preparing for the unfold of MCU’s phase 4. With the movie Black Widow being delayed due to the pandemic, they kicked off phase 4 by TV series WandaVision, which did give fans lots of information and things to bring in to the future.

At the end of episode 9, Wanda was showing studying the Darkhold, an ancient volume of dark magic in the post-credit scene, which can be a hint about Wanda’s reappearance in the next Doctor Strange movies. An article by Brian Tallerico mentioned that ” ‘Dr. Stephen Strange’s continuing research on the Time Stone is hindered by a friend turned enemy, resulting in Strange unleashing unspeakable evil’”, the end of WandaVision might set up its protagonist as the friend turned enemy in the Doctor Strange sequel. Plus, with the title of Doctor Strange movie saying multi-universe, Wanda in Doctor Strange movie may have to deal with things she has done to Westview or possibly her children Tommy and Billy, who may go on to be the next generation of the Avengers, a superhero team in created by Marvel.

As fans explore this magical universe, Marvel’s characters keep exploring too. People cannot tell what is true about WandaVision until more things are settled. Starting March 19th, the Falcon and Winter Soldier will be on the screen. Will more questions be answered about phase 4? Or be created?


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