Bodhi Jordan/Staff reporter

On December 9th of 2020, British Columbian health advisor Bonnie Henry had first outlined the plan to distribute the vaccines for the COVID-19 virus. As of late February, the Coronavirus vaccine has entered its second phase. This means that seniors of 80 years or older are now able to book appointments for vaccines, and more than 400,000 people are projected to be able to have their vaccine administered in British Columbia alone by the British Columbia government between the beginning of March and the middle of April this year.

B.C. Premier John Horgan has gone on to say that British Columbia was “one of the first provinces [the government] considered for the vaccination plans.” Moving into phase 2, Horgan hopes to put the health of British Columbians first, and make sure that as many of this province’s citizens are as safe as possible.

While seniors are beginning to get their vaccines, younger people are beginning to see a future in sight where they can finally begin to see each other again. In February a restriction was passed to keep anyone from seeing each other in person, but as of March 11th 2021 that restriction has been dropped, meaning people in groups of 10 or fewer can gather at a safe distance outdoors.

People are beginning to see the light at the end of this long, dark tunnel that has continued for so long, the B.C. Government even going so far as to put out a Spotify ad saying that we are “almost at the end but we should continue being safe.” As the pandemic slowly crawls to a close, people are surely excited to be able to gather together again as normal, but they should also keep in mind that safety is still the number one priority.

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