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Brooke Wozniak started the blog stillmyfathersdaughter.com in the fall of 2020, her father Glen Leggott. was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s when she was 25-years-old. 

“But after his diagnosis in 2013, he became a shell of who he once was. My aunt said something that really resonated with me: “He doesn’t know what he doesn’t know.” It’s so true. He’s in his own world, and it seems a peaceful one. The world that’s hardest is my mom’s: that of the caregiver.” According to the “My dad has Alzheimer’s, but I’m more worried about his caregiver: my mom ” by Brook Wozniak. 

Yes, people who forgot things don’t know what they forgot, but their friends and family are still remembered. Their caregiver cared for them as cared children, like helping them to put on their shirt, feeding them, helping them recognize people they used to familiar with. Wozniak said it can be hard to see someone you care about not be themselves anymore. Also, is hard to see someone you used to have a close relationship can’t remember you anymore. Their caregivers usually are their family members or nurses, with young-onset, their same age spouse was adding to that. For family members, is common to see the parents can’t recognize the child. Many people cared for their dementia parents as kids just like the parents did to them before. 

Physical damage and prevent

Can we cure or avoid Alzheimer’s? As we can see in “Alzheimer’s: What leads to brain cell damage?” by Catharine Paddock, Ph. D. Alzheimer’s is an irreversible brain disease, which means you can only avoid it before people got Alzheimer’s disease, and unfortunately, if people got the disease, the ability to remember, think, and perform a simple task will get worse over time, eventually cause dementia and make people can no longer care for themselves. To complete treatment seems impossible.

According to the “10 Causes of Alzheimer’s Disease” by Catherine Facty, the 10 cause of Alzheimer’s are:

  1. Head trauma.
  • Down’s syndrome.
  • Mild Cognitive Impairment.

4. Poor Heart health.

5. Lack of education or Mental stimulation.  

6. Lack of Social stimulation. 

7. Poor Lifestyle Choice. 

8. Consistent Lack of sleep. 

9. Genetic and family history. 

10. Getting older. 

Now know the causes, in another way, means we can avoid some of the causes above to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Excluding those genetic things or the immutable factors, like giving more sleep at night, visiting a community or senior center, or getting a dog. Also, quitting smoking and keeping alcohol to a minimum will both help to decrease the risk of developing Alzheimer’s. There are hundreds of ways can prevent Alzheimer’s, exercising at least every week, or as much as you’re able to. Losing weight and eating healthy is also a good way to prevent Alzheimer’s. In short, keeping a healthy body and don’t stop learning or thinking is the best way to avoid dementia and Alzheimer’s. 

Alzheimer’s is not only a serious disease hurting individuals, families and friends are hunted too. Alzheimer’s prevention should be disseminated among the seniors, the government should pay more attention to vulnerable groups like the seniors. Alzheimer’s prevention lecture in long-term care centers and spread the information on social media is necessary, elderly individuals and their family members should notice that as soon as possible because is too late to preventing it when it happens already. 


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