Yeganeh Haidari/Edge Colonist

An altercation in the university of Windsor reveals the nasty racist intentions of the school. Two students have a physical fight and only one student faces consequences. Evidently, the student who got punished was black. 

 In February 2019 Afolabi, a law student at the university of Windsor gets in an altercation with another student. 

 He was running late for class and when he opened the door it hit another student who was trying to enter. 

The student then gets aggressive and with Afolabi. First, he tries to explain the situation, but the other students were persistent with his aggression. At that point he had no choice but to defend himself. 

Internal reports were sent with the office of Academic integrity for both students but only Afolabi was banned from campus except for his classes. 

The young man feels he is being discriminated against by his school.” I saw real time what anti-black racism can do”. 

The event caused disruption at the school as students are questioning the fairness of the decision. Afolabi files an interlaced human rights complaint  

In July 2019 after months of the ban being lifted, he returns to the office to follow up his complaint. 

The school staff had called the police claiming he was trespassing. However, the student was simply asking for help. The video evidence the young man had proved he was innocent. 

The continued injustice of this is immensely disappointing as Canadian citizens. However, racism is still an alive commodity amongst Canadians. Carlos Canel a student attending Burnaby north shares his personal experiences with racism.  

He recalls his encounter with racial profiling at work. Carlos was working at a concession stand by second beach. His boss would be aggressive and verbally abusive towards ethnic employees. 

 His manager would yell at Carlos ordering him to return to the kitchen with “his kind of people” referring to the predominantly south American/Hispanic employees. The manager also separated the ethnic workers from the white, giving the ethnic workers harder tasks. 

 “It was like his version of racial segregation”. Carlos felt that his managers degrading actions made him feel depressed and worthless.  

Going to work became very hard for him and he struggled to keep himself together. Racism is a constant issue in Canadian society.