Devon Jones / Edge Colomnist

SpaceX recently launched a prototype rocket called the SN10s third attempt on March 3rd. the rocket made it upwards 6 miles and safely made touchdown back on the ground. But several minutes later it exploded.

Elon Musks new prototype rocket the SN10 was a prototype for a rocket designed to go to the moon and or mars. It has had many tests from the first rocket SN1, and now has gone so far as to have the technology to fly and land. The new sn11 rocket is now being moved to its launch pad, where its hopefully going to fly land, and be safe for people to fly in.

The issue with the first rocket not getting off the ground was that the rocket launch procedure triggered an automatic abort. “The rocket had a “slightly conservative high thrust limit” but the team would recycle propellant and try again” Said Elon Musk SpaceX CEO.

The 2nd launch was a lot more eventful, as the seconds attempt at the sn10 rockets launch was a success. The rocket launched off the ground without any issues and made it 6 miles up before safely returning to the ground. Upon landing, the rocket stalled for 7 min, and then unexpectedly exploded.

Musk has said that the next generation rocket will be the rocket to revolutionize point to point travel around the world. While also sending civilians to the moon.

The last 2 rockets (SN8 SN9) had taken flight and come down only for a crash landing. Now the SN10 had done a much better landing, only this time it came down at a slight tilt. The rockets did not soften the landing enough and had crushed the bottom of the rocket. “The landing was actually a bit more crunchy than soft.” Said Elon Musk.

The SN10 engine was low on thrust due to partial helium ingestion from fuel header tank. The impact of 20kph crushed legs and part of the skirt. The rocket then stalled for 10 whole minutes, before exploding.

The landing was said to have looked very light, as the rocket even bounced a little upon landing.

The rocket that means to being us to mars is so close to being able to land safely with people inside. It must mean we aren’t far from going to mars.

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