Jacob Goroza / edge columnist

James Harden will be going back to Houston the face the Rockets for the first time since his trade request has been granted. 

After 9 years of playing basketball with the Houston Rockets, James Harden made the decision to leave and play for the Nets. This has caused a lot of drama within the NBA community. Now that Harden is going to be facing the Rockets, one can only imagine how he feels.  

Harden on his final months on the Rockets, has apologized for “how it went down.” While he was pushing for a trade, Many NBA fans have been contemplating if it was the right decision for Harden to make forcing a trade. However, Anthony Davis, player for the LA Lakers, also had to force his way out of New Orleans. Kyrie Irving left Clevland as well to separate himself from the Rockets.  

According to ESPN, Harden said, “I apologize for how it went down, but it got me to where I wanted to go.” for forcing his way out of the Rockets to the Nets. Harden’s unhappiness with the Rockets has made him pull the plug. Harden has done what he has done 

Harden will face the Rockets on Wednesday (7:30 p.m. Eastern Time). He has been succeeding with the Nets, but the Rockets are on a 13-loss streak.  

Harden has been pushing this trade because he simply wanted to. Former staffers best summed up James as “whatever he wants.”  

Ever since Harden has been traded, a former Rockets staff said. “Yeah, he’s going to act up,”  

Harden should be toughened up because he has been babied his whole time by taking breaks whenever there is a 3 day off between games. Also, being in control of who is being played in games and controlling players to let him get multiple triple-doubles has led him to become “soft”. His decision to leave the Rockets was great because it gave him a chance to win a championship.