Jacob Goroza/staff reporter

On, April 10th, 2005 Tiger Woods won his 4th green jacket 3 years after winning his 3rd. Tiger Woods has 5 green jackets in total cutting short from Jack Nicklaus trailing by 1 green jacket.

14 years later Woods wins his 5th green jacket becoming second most green jacket winner in golf history.

Woods is arguably the best golfers of all time because he has made 22 appearances at the Masters and also became the player to win consecutively the first four major tournaments in golf

Woods underwent long surgical procedures and suffered orthopedic injuries to his lower right extremity.

Woods had comminuted open fractures to both his upper and lower portion of his fibula and tibia. They were stabilized with a rod inserted into the tibia; other injuries to his foot and ankle were stabilized with screws and pins. Doctors also were forced to relieve pressure to his muscles and soft tissue.

People have been saying that it is a case of being asleep at the wheel because from photos Wood’s car went straight off the road instead of turning right. He continued straight onto the opposing road and right off the road, which made him hit a tree rolling over into a barrel role. There is no signs of braking to be found on the street.

A similar occurrence happened in 2017 where Woods fell asleep at the wheel and was arrested for drunk driving, and several drugs were found in his system.