Christian Castillo/Edge columnist

Schools everywhere have been hit with a virus known as the covid-19 virus. People are trying their best to follow the rules that were created but the virus still manages to get in sometimes. When people get the covid-19 virus it will just look like any other regular cold and it can be given to other people very easily by coughs or sneezing so to check if a person has the virus they would need to go to a doctor for a covid-19 test.

Some of these schools are in Coquitlam like Gleneagle. When multiple cases of the covid-19 virus are found in a one area it is called a cluster and a cluster was reported at a Coquitlam middle school says the Tri city news.

The middle school is called Scott creek middle school and is one of the most recent schools to be exposed to the virus but this time instead of one virus it was a cluster. People who might have been exposed now must stay at home for the next two weeks. All of the students in one of the classes have to now to their schoolwork from home.

To stop things like this from happening again people should start thinking about making all schools go into what is called a hybrid mode or blended learning.

Blended learning means students have a mix of in class learning and learning from home by using their computers.

Like everything else blended learning has its own good and bad things about it. One good thing is that it is more effective than just all face to face and all online learning, a few bad things is that not all students have good internet, they might not watch the recorded videos made by their teachers.

Students are split into two groups with group A only going to school for the first half of the day then switching to online learning from home while the other group B goes for a full day. the next day it is the opposite.

Doing this would limit the number of students inside the school each day and would increase our chances of another virus cluster like this not happening again. 


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