On February 4, Port Moody hockey had their first positive case of COVID-19 and paused activity that day. In the following days three more members tested positive and then they stopped operations on February 12.The decision will be revisited on the 24th of February.

Stephanie Naqvi who is the President at Port Moody Amateur Hockey Association said “ all teams where practicing on their own in accordance with the rules”.

Port Moody has been the place where covid cases have gone up in the lower mainland in the last couple weeks many people and places have had to either stop operations or self-isolate.

One of those places was Port moody hockey who had four positive cases in less then two weeks and has had to put multiple teams in self-isolation.

Port Moody; has had a big spike in the amount of COVID-19 cases in the area as they had two restaurant have to shut down after they broke covid rules and many people that were there got the virus. Some people say that they think other organizations will look at this and try to see where they can make there rules stricter. But other people also think that they will open back as a break will make it safer for the kids and the coaches who are on the ice.

Natalie Walker a member of the community said “ They will likely take direction from the health authority and that will help them make there decision on when you start back up” on when she was asked about if they would start back up.

When asked about what message this sends to other organizations Olen Vanderleeden said “ they may not have the protocol that they need to keep there players safe”.




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