Dominic Runghen / Staff reporter

Covid cases rise due to many people breaking the law and getting together in large groups of people. Over 40% of recent cases in BC have happened because of large gatherings according to Amy Judd 40% of COVID-19 cases in B.C. are linked to social gatherings | The authorities still have strict rules of large amounts of people, but they are still not following protocol.

Recently 50 people attended saint James well in Port Moody and 15 tested positive after attending a trivia night.

“The RCMP was called to two events giving out more than 17000 dollar fines” said Amy Judd 40% of COVID-19 cases in B.C. are linked to social gatherings | “The Fraser health region has a 5.2 positive percentage which is the most in BC”. The quicker people realize that by going out it increases the cases, then we might be able to make improvement, Dr. Bonnie Henry says the limit is 6 people in your home, none other. “I sincerely hope we start to follow guidelines because the quicker we stop, the faster our economy can get back to normal”.

According to a grade 10 student at Gleneagle, Jackson Tait stays safe by washing his hands frequently as well as following community guidelines by being careful of how many people he hangs out with. He also does a great job a wearing a mask in public. Jackson thinks “the government is doing a great job keeping everyone safe but thinks the people who are breaking the rules just don’t understand how serious this virus is and by breaking the rules it effects everyone”. The best way for him to cope with this crisis is by exercising and spending time with his loved ones. He says that mental health is very important and hopes people stay on top of it. The best ways to do so are spending time with family, exercising and even meditation.

Jacob Goroza is another grade 10 student who attends Gleneagle and does an excellent job at staying in his personal bubble. He only goes out when needed for example grocery shopping or for school and makes sure he has a mask on his face at all costs. Jacob thinks there should be more police officers on duty to help reduce the number of gatherings happening, Jacob quotes “we are only as strong as our weakest link”. He also says, “if other people don’t follow protocols then its unfair to the ones who have been following guidelines”. Jacob thinks “the government should put us in full lockdown because it would reduce the amount of people getting together with people outside their bubble and we can finally put an end to this massive problem. He would recommend yoga or meditation as it helps with physical activity as well as mental health. “And finally playing board games with your family can really help with interaction and it always helps to talk bout your problems”.

Many people are being affected by this problem and the only way we can fix it is by working together. Once we establish teamwork then we can move on to the next step, which is hopefully putting covid to sleep. Stay safe and stay healthy.