Daniel Quezada / Staff reporter

On February, 19 Gleneagle experience a lockdown drill, for many people just believe it’s just another drill. unfortunately, there’s a danger present that could be more harmful than just the ordinary fire or earthquake, the administration has expressed and pushed lockdown drills as a necessity. it is something we all must practice and be prepared for. Lockdown situations could happen because of an active shooter, a hostage situation, police activity nearby and natural disasters. Unfortunately, there has been an increase of hostile situations. Lockdowns are more enforced especially in the United States with school shootings becoming more common. more and more malicious people target schools. fortunately in Canada we have not seen a major school shooting. but that doesn’t mean we can prepare.  

If a lockdown is ordered lock all doors and windows immediately, never open a door or window, unless you’re ordered by a safety or School official. make sure all lights are turned off and all blinds and curtains down and instruct all students to stay low and away from windows and doors. 

“I think it is important for students to feel safe at school. Practicing and preparing can help alleviate any fears people may have. but I also don’t want the drills to cause anyone to feel anxious or nervous about what could happen. It’s just good to be prepared,” said Tina Borsa, English teacher. 

“The lock-downs are a good idea because they give students an idea of what to do if theirs a problem or an emergency or a nuclear missile approaching the building,” said Sean Bennett, grade 11.

There are people who want to make the school environment unsafe and harmful. lockdown drill are the steps to ensure these people could not harm others.