Robert Jang / Staff reporter

British Columbia Premier John Horgan announced that students will return to school, only on a voluntary, part-time basis beginning on June 1.

The education ministry of British Columbia is preparing to re-open for all the students from kindergarten to Grade 12 steadily. The school will have complied with the stringent cleaning policy of British Columbia. 

According to SD43, Grade 9 and 10 students whose last name initials are A-: will attend on Mondays; last name initials are M-Z will attend on Thursday. Grade 11 and 12 students whose last name initials are A-L will attend on Tuesday; last name initials are M-Z will attend on Friday.

Since March 17, B.C schools were closed due to Covid-19. After spring break, B.C schools started online classes, many international students are making decisions about going back to their home country. After all, many international students went back to their home country. 

This decision will put students in a worse situation during the pandemic circumstance. If there is a student or staff who has the virus, numerous people will be in danger of may get infected. The second wave of infection would come and make the pandemic situation worse. Also, there are many

MinKyu Kim, grade 12, said, “I came back to my home country, South Korea, to avoid the risk of Covid-19.”

“However, there are many problems of reopening the school, many international students already went back to their home country, also, they cannot enter Canada until July. Even If the Canadian government permits students, we need to obey the two weeks of self-quarantine.” Kim said.

Brian Cho, grade 10 said, “I don’t want to risk the possibility to get infected just for one day of school in a week. I hope BC reconsider school reopening.”

South Korea, known as one of the well-coped countries with Covid-19, started to re-open for grade 12 students. However, within hours of reopening, dozens of schools in Incheon, a city near the capital Seoul, were forced to shut again after two students tested positive for coronavirus.

South Korea’s experience shows that reopening schools does not mean a return to normal and carries continued risks.

The education ministry of British Columbia should consider more deeply and make the best decision for the students.