Jevon Li/ Staff reporter  

According to statistics, Canada has administered at least 1 dose of vaccines to 2.65% of the population, and that is quite slow-paced compared to the U.S., having almost 6 times the amount of vaccines. This is leaving Canadians wondering why their country is so far behind. Canada is reportedly behind on shipping and having disruptions from the company Pfizer-BioNtech and Moderna. The vaccine rollout will steadily rise sooner or later as Pfizer has committed to more deliveries.

When will people receive the vaccines in Canada?

“At the time of writing, Canada’s vaccination timeline is likely to resume growth in late February or early March,” says Eva Korinios, Industry Analyst.

At this point, it is mid-February already and there is yet to be a vaccine. Hopefully Canada will start receiving them sometime in March. COVID-19 has limited and slowed down the population. With all the public places closing down, it has kept the population feeling empty affected the economy heavily. However, the cases still have been constant as thousands of people leave their houses every day to see their friends, which is a huge risk.

Should people take the vaccine?

The vaccine has been proven to be effective.

“A Pfizer/BioNtech vaccine trial involving nearly 44,000 volunteers found vaccination to be 95% effective. This vaccine is authorized for use in the U.S.” says Robert H. Shmerling, Senior Faculty Editor of Harvard Health Publishing.

The vaccine is recommended for everybody to take. If somebody does not take the vaccine, they should remain wearing a mask and most likely stay home so they do not contaminate others. The side effects of the vaccine are also not a concern for people, as it is reported that most of the people only experience minor side effects, which is expected when taking any vaccine, and major side effects like severe allergic reactions and deaths are extremely rare. With all the information, it is safe to assume that taking the vaccine is not risky at all for people of all ages. 

Update on the vaccine

The latest update was on February 20th, 2021.  Phase 1 and 2 are just there to protect the elderly and most vunerable to the disease. Phase 2 is seeking an end in March, which means phase 3 will begin in April. The government is doing everything they can in hopes of bringing everyone’s lives back to normal by the end of this year.

Canada is really slow on vaccinations and all, but once everybody gets vaccinated it will end such strange live styles people are living and the economy can run normally again.