Evan Shelkie / Staff reporter

Despite more COVID-19 restrictions being brought back to the Tri-Cities, the number of cases is still soaring up, and have doubled in the last month. 740 cases were reported in November, which is more than double of the 360 cases in October. 1523 cases of COVID-19 in the Tri-cities have been reported since January. 717,000 cases have been reported in Canada so far according to the COVID-19 updates page from the government of Canada.

With the vaccine becoming accessible to the common public in the near future, some people are relaxing there personal COVID 19 prevention measures. Some people feel that with the vaccine coming, the end pandemic and the lockdown is coming too, and feel that they can meet up with their friends and not follow the lockdown guidelines. this could cause a rise in infections and make it harder for the vaccine to fight the spread of the virus.

With masks now mandatory in almost all public spaces and hand sanitizer available in the entrance of a lot of stores and the vaccine coming in the near future, there are methods to prevent the spread, but the best way to prevent the spread still is only be in contact with people when it is absolutely necessary.