Josh Abel/Edge Columnist

Donald Trump, the former US President, has been no stranger to negative reviews from the public view and his last full day in office proved that he could produce some positive outcomes. Trump after many requests from the general public had an extensive list of pardons including major rappers such as Bill Kapri (Kodak black) and Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr.(Lil Wayne) They were also accompanied by Michael “Harry-O” Harris co-founder of rap label Death Row Records after rapper Snoop Dogg vouched for.

Carter is better known as his rap name Lil Wayne was set to serve ten years for felony weapons charges after Miami police searched his jet uncovering a .45-caliber Glock handgun. Along with this, they found many narcotics and almost 26K in cash. Wayne was already on gun charges from 2007 and was not given much ease on these charges. Trump decided to pardon him of these charges as he and Wayne have had some meetings in the past with Wayne endorsing Trump.

Kapri 21 is a singer/songwriter better known under his stage name as Kodak Black, was sentenced to 46 months in federal lockup for making a false statement on a federal document. Kapri was sentenced to this when he did not provide the fact that he was currently under indictment on his application for purchasing a firearm from a licensed dealer.

Kapri was arrested back in April of 2019 on drug and weapons charges after allegedly trying to carry marijuana and several firearms across the Canada-U.S. border traveling to a show in Boston, MA. Kapri coming up on finishing half his sentence was granted clemency by Donald J Trump on his last day in office.

Both Kodak and Wayne have shown a passion for their communities. Kodak has supported a variety of charitable efforts, he provided educational resources to families and kids of fallen law enforcement. He also paid for the notebooks of school children, provided funding for daycare centers, and annually provides for underprivileged kids around the holidays. As for Wayne in the official White House statement they released, they said he is “trustworthy, kind hearted, and generous” they say he has exhibited these traits by the commitment to the many charities he is a part of.

Trump made the right decision with these two individuals. Both of these rappers are very well known and respected within the rap community. Wayne is one of the top five rappers in the industry. It shows that Trump was willing to show some compassion for his mistakes in the past, or he was just using this to get a popular vote if he ever decided to run again. As no one will ever know which one or the sole reason behind why he did pardon them both many people are very happy to see them both released despite their opposition to the law. Hopefully, they will not return anytime soon and we can see them back with their families and many future projects.


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