Ty Rillorta / Staff Reporter

Many people are in isolation, especially seniors, so many organizations are asking others to write holiday letters to help give some cheer to those people.  

The current pandemic has been a major threat to people living in places like retirements and care homes, the CDC stating people over 85 are the main demographic of victims. Seniors are forced to be isolated away from family and are all alone right now; making this the perfect time to help support those who need it the most.

Volunteer grandparents have set up a campaign, asking others in the community to write letters to isolated seniors. The program has been well received by everyone. “The seniors have really enjoyed receiving the letters, especially the seniors who have been matched in the pen pal part of the program,” said program manager Veronica Grossi. “So far we have created 20 pen pal connections (between seniors and youth) and the community has submitted 789 Kind messages. Around 250 people have participated in this program.” 

Grossi plans to continue this program even when COVID-19 regulations are over as “It is a wonderful way for a less physically able senior to stay connected to the community.”  

Many organizations are doing similar things all over North America, but also individual homes are asking the same for their residents like Chartwell Langley Gardens Retirement Residence and Nikkei Place.  

“I think, given the circumstances of the world right now, I just thought that everybody could use a little bit of joy,” said Daniella Axton, Chartwell Langley Gardens Memory Living manager, in a CTV News article.

B.C Care Providers and Write On are some of the organizations in the province, but there are many more too. 

These programs and many more like them, are a key component allowing everyone to pitch in to help support the people taking the biggest toll during COVID-19. Everyone should have at least some company with them to get through this pandemic and this allows any good person to help them through this.