Jinwon Soul / Staff reporter

The current pandemic has brought changes to Gleneagles’ animation class this school year. Many students say that those changes have had a negative impact on them and that they are struggling to learn in a different environment. New protocols and guidelines for the school due to COVID-19 have impacted what animation classes look like, and students are trying to adapt themselves to the transformation.    

A school could be a safe place if the protocols and the safety guidelines are strictly followed. However, the result could be the opposite if they are not respected. In the animation class, the teacher and students are trying their best by being extra cautious and following the safety protocols. Some changes have been made in the animation class, so everyone could learn in a secure environment: a place where there is a low possibility of spreading COVID-19.

The major differences in the animation class are that the teachers and the students wear masks, sanitize their hands before class, and eat in their learning blocks. There are also some limitations to borrowing instruments for students such as drawing tablets, microphones, and laptops, because of the possibility that those devices could be a major risk of the virus exposure.

Another big change that COVID-19 has brought to the animation class is the blended online remote learning. Due to COVID-19 protocols, students go to school on Tuesdays and Fridays with half of the class and switch to online learning on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. This means that the students get less than half of the class time they used to get before. Students in animation also say that there are many factors of distraction at home and some people might not even have the resources needed at home, such as a drawing tablet. 

“Depending on your learning style, the changes may be better or worse for certain students,” said Grace Lee, grade 11 animation student. “It is challenging to stare into a computer and work on animation for two hours straight. I think there should be a stretch break in the middle or just a bit of time to rest your eyes doing something else. I also feel that you are not as productive at home compared to being at school.” 

Both interviewed students, Lee and Teagan Young, grade 11 student, think that the changes are bringing a negative impact on their learning. Since the animation class requires electronic devices and communication between the teacher and the students, it is hard for the students to focus and reach their full potential at home. However, the students understand that those changes are for their safety and are hoping that things will go back to normal soon. 

“I think that these changes made due to the COVID-19 situation degraded my working habits, but I am still adapting and hoping it will only get better from now,” said Lee. “I understand that all the changes are made for the student and the teachers’ safety, and I hope that we can go back to normal schedules at school once the COVID-19 outbreak disappears.” 

“There are some negative effects of the changes due to COVID-19 but they are basic and easy to follow when you think about how it keeps us safe,” said Young. “My thoughts on it would be that we should keep doing what we are doing to be safe and healthy.” 

Daniel Kim, grade 11 student, says that the students should stay positive and hopeful because it is all for their safety. “Because this environment is all for the student’s safety, I will just continue to adapt to this new environment until we can go back to normal school full-time.” No matter how negative and uncomfortable changes have been made to schools, the change is the best choice in the current situation as it is to create a safe environment.