Christian Shomali / Staff Reporter

During the global pandemic, many districts have adjusted into an alternative schedule, where students are able to attend class, and stay safe from the COVID-19 pandemic. I interviewed two students that attend at Gleneagle, Matthew Elias and Daniel Shomali, to gather thoughts of this pandemic.

The new schedule is quite different compared to the original schedule. Most students have Block 1 and Block 2, but the students attend the classes depending on the course. Few students have a Block X and Block Y course, and that changes during the week. Instead of two semesters, there’s 4 quarters, and each quarter takes 8 weeks of the year.

“The new schedule is very confusing, but once you know your courses, and when to attend, you get used to it” Matthew says, when asked for his opinion on this new schedule. “Even though they extended each block, it really isn’t that big of a deal.” Elias followed.

When asking Daniel the same question, he seems to agree with what Matthew stated.

“You get very little classes each quarter, so you can still go to school without worrying like crazy.” Daniel says. “You can do other stuff during the day, which doesn’t add up the stress that COVID-19 already gave.” Daniel added.

“I liked school back in June though”. Daniel says. “It was just easier to do work at home, without the worry to expose yourself to COVID-19”. Daniel follows. “Personally, I hated school back in June” Matthew exclaimed. “It was really difficult to listen to online classes at the comfort of your own home, and difficult to concentrate and study”. Matthew followed.