Jevon Li / Staff reporter

Due to pandemic still spreading everywhere in Canada, the government decided to implement a new school system for students this year to ensure that they are staying safe and receiving education at the same time. Two students were interviewed in cohort classes, Joon Kang and Noah Kim , both grade 11, and got their perspectives on the new school system. 

The new school schedule is divided into four quarters. Most of the students have two courses every quarter except for a few that have either block X or Y. Block 1 classes are called “learning groups,” which students must go to every day. Students only have to go to block 2 classes two times a week, and only half the class goes to class every time.  

Kang, doesn’t really like the new school system. “The new school schedule is so annoying. Sometimes I don’t even know which day I have classes. And I feel like I have way more work than ever and I have no time to hang out with baddies.” 

“Also, I don’t feel safe in school because it is a high-risk place to contract COVID-19,” Kang added.

However, Kim has a more positive opinion on the cohort learning model.  

“Even though the classes are a little confusing at first, it’s not that hard to understand once you are used to it. But I think everyone has become more anti-social because of the virus. I like how the quarter system works as we only have two courses each quarter, so we can be more focused on them,” said Kim.

A lot of students are not satisfied with the new school system. They are getting more stressed than before because teachers are teaching in a faster pace and giving students more homework. Both Souroufar and Kang prefer the school system back in April where everything was taught online.  

“School back in April is way better, because everything was online and you don’t have to sit next to random people who might have the virus. Other than that, teachers weren’t pushing the courses that much like right now,” said Kang