Devon Jones / Edge columnist

The covid-19 vaccine is getting closer and closer to being created with every passing day. Finally, the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine is being approved for emergency use. 

According to US regulators have confirmed the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine is 95% effective, paving the way for it to be approved for emergency use. The first person to ever have this vaccine was a grandmother named “Margaret Keenan,” a ninety-one-year-old woman who claimed after the injection It was the “best early birthday present”. 

People in UK who are being treated are very happy to get their dose, the world may finally be free of the disease which separated us all by maybe in the next year, the disease that induced depression and insanity will be dealt with after we put all the hard work into social distancing, online schooling, working and socializing. 

 It feels great to know how far Covid vaccines have come, personally, I think that 5% is a number I will risk ensuring I could have protection to covid-19. If the vaccine didn’t cure the symptoms and now, I have the disease. I feel being tested is the right thing to do as it helps science advance on the disease. 

“At present, women are not advised to have a Covid vaccine during pregnancy, or if they are planning to get pregnant in the next three months. There are no safety concerns from any of the data but, as in most trials, the vaccine has not yet been tested on pregnant women.” Said Philippa Roxby, Pfizer Health reporter.  

If the women who are pregnant cannot take the vaccine for risk may happen for the child, during the 9 months that they are pregnant they will need special care if they get the disease, the women should be okay if there is somebody there to help them if they are cured, if they have been cured through the vaccine then it shouldn’t be a problem for them, but they need to keep the other safe. Same goes for anybody the vaccine didn’t cure. 

Around 800000 doses have been sent to America, which is enough for 400000 people to take 2 doses 21 days apart for full security, the first dose takes a week to impact the immune system and the 2nd after 21 days is the last dose to completely stop infection. The US has now recorded over 15 million cases since the pandemic began, and more than 286,000 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University. People keep pushing to get a vaccine, and because of the amounts of cases per day, The FDA are trying to approve the latest vaccine for the most vulnerable. Pfizer has expected to have treated 25 million by the end of 2020.  

Every day we get closer and closer to the world being cured. In this time the cure has hit a big milestone of being able to cure 94% of people ages 65+ and completely cure anybody with a good immune system.