Gleneagle’s Concert Band this year is operating differently as oppose to how it would normally be run last year because of social distancing guidelines.

Due to social distancing both the junior and senior bands have been spilt into separate quarters. Half of junior and senior band will play in quarter one and half of junior and senior band will play in quarter three.

Band students play with their masks on as well as with bell covers (a piece of fabric to place over an instrument which lets less air pass through).

Instruments such as flutes need to be spaced out well because air needs to pass through the flute in order to be played correctly.

The sheet music has change to allow for more flexible instrument options to cover the lack of students, so there’s only five parts to play instead of one part for each instrument.

“We’re all really grateful to be back in the building performing, we’re making lemonade out of all the lemons handed down to use from COVID, but we’re keeping it positive.” Said Edward Trovato, the band director.

Concerts as of now will not be held because it’s unsafe to hold hundreds of people in a single room. The band will still be able to perform for students digitally by uploading a digital recording of them playing.

“I’m still happy the band is still up and running, I think the changes Mr. Trovato has made are very effective.” Said Kristina Law, grade 11 band student.

Band is a difficult class to keep running during a pandemic. The band is doing everything they can to still operate this year, while keeping the players safe and distanced.